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Ficlet for Mneomosyne and Scribbulus Ink

Based on her astounding mpreg art (http://nc17rated.livejournal.com/23839.html#cutid1) and McKay's wonderful story "In a Delicate Way" (http://remembrall.slashcity.net/fiction/delicateway.html). It's HBP-compliant.

Title: Home At Last
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Severus has been on the run since Albus's death. Remus finds him and brings him home.
Warning: angst, schmoop, and mpreg. Finest kind!

"Here, you look half-frozen." Remus carefully unfastened the too-thin robes. Severus, cheeks flaming, turned away, one hand ineffectually trying to pull the inadequate cloth across his body.

"Don't - it's not - "

Remus drank in the sight of his long-lost mate. They had last been together a few weeks before Albus's death, the day after Malfoy's whelp had cast hermaphrodito on Severus, but Remus had never guessed that they had conceived a child that night. Poppy had finally told him last week after Albus's portrait had confirmed that Severus had acted under orders, and that only because it was almost nine months and she didn't want Severus to be alone so late in his term.

He had known about the baby, had guessed how it might have changed Severus. But seeing him now, nipples swollen and belly ripe as the birth neared -

"It's beautiful." Remus led his mate to the fire and helped him onto the sofa. He was shaking with the cold, both arms wrapped protectively about his waist. Remus summoned a wool blanket from the bed and draped it over them. "Shush - we know everything. No one's going to hurt you or the baby."

"Couldn't - couldn't tell you - " Severus had never looked more vulnerable. "Had to be there - "

"Here. Drink this." Remus held a steaming mug of tea to his lips. Severus drank it in quick, frantic sips. "We know you're innocent, love. We know."

Remus reached under the blanket to stroke the hard, smooth swell. The baby squirmed at his touch, and for a moment he could almost make out a tiny leg. Severus finished the tea and settled back against the cushions, face relaxing as the drink and the fire warmed him.

"I wanted to tell you. Albus said to wait until after we'd seen what Draco would do." Severus laced his fingers through Remus's. "We didn't expect that I'd have to flee the school, or that I'd be on the run until it was too late to cast a glamour. The Dark Lord found out, said MacNair could have us - he wanted to know if it was a wolf or a baby - "

He shuddered at the memory. Remus pushed the blanket aside and gently lowered his head to rest on the perfectly round belly. "He can't hurt you now. He's gone, and we can be together. All three of us."

Severus stroked his hair. "You mean that? I'd heard you were with Nymphadora." His voice caught for a moment. "That's another reason I didn't contact you."

"She found out that having isn't the same as wanting." Remus sat up, one hand lightly resting on Severus's stomach. "I wasn't in love with her, and she knew it. And now that there's a baby on the way - " He leaned over to kiss Severus on the lips.

Severus kissed him back, tentatively at first, and then so fiercely Remus could scarcely breathe. He whispered divestimento on himself and pressed close to his mate, stroking and kissing and rubbing himself against every inch of skin he could reach. Severus groaned and clung to him, erection pressing hard against his bulging abdomen.

Remus gasped and pulled away long enough to summon pillows, then lay back on the sofa, arms open. Severus heaved himself onto his hands and knees and lowered himself onto Remus's cock, crying out at the slow penetration. Remus helped support him as he positioned himself, sucking in his own belly to make room for their child, and then carefully began to thrust upward.

Severus threw his head back, hands splayed flat on Remus's chest. Remus grinned at the sight of him, back arching, sweat breaking out across chest and stomach as climax neared. He curled himself forward to lick at each dusky pink nipple in turn, then rubbed his thumbs across them until they were stiff and huge. "That's right - God, you're beautiful - love you - "

"Love - Remus - ohgodyesyes - ohhhhh - " Severus tensed and squeezed about Remus as he came, and the steady pulsing sent Remus over the edge with a long, low wail. Severus shuddered and clutched as his hands as he came down from his climax, and with a murmured engorgio Remus extended the sofa so his mate could lie next to him.

It was a long time before either could speak. Remus pulled the blanket over them and snuggled close enough that he could run his hands up and down over Severus's belly, glorying in the size and bulk. He kept the baby in spite of the danger. He loves me - loves us - that much. What did I do to deserve this?

"You believed in me," Severus murmured. Remus looked up, startled, then laughed as he realized Severus must have been reading him all along. "It's true. No one else gave a damn, not even Albus. But you defended me despite what I did. How could I not have your child? I thought it was all of you I'd ever have."

Remus drew him close and kissed him. "Thank you. You'll never regret it."

The wind blew outside the safe house. A few snowflakes hissed on the fire, and the windows rattled at a sharp gust. Severus closed his eyes. "I never did."
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